Social Bookmarking

1. Social bookmarking allows you to save webpages that you find interesting or useful through a specialized social bookmarking website. This differs from bookmarking in that the webpage is indexed with personalized “tags” or keywords that helps you sort through and find relevant bookmarked websites. Through the use of tags, others users can search through your bookmarked pages to find sites they may like.

2. I have browsed the social bookmarking sites Digg and Reddit, though infrequently, after being recommended by friends. I found them to be a good resource to keep current with news articles, web content and internet phenomena of all kinds. I have not registered for any social bookmarking sites so my use of them is limited to looking through sites bookmarked by others without contributing or tagging.

3. I think social bookmarking would be an excellent way to gather and share online resources with patrons in a library setting because all tagged pages are available online and not saved on an individual computer or web browser. Patrons would be able to access and add to an index of library themed pages or sites that may be of interest on any computer in or outside the library. Social bookmarking could also be used by library staff  to exchange information relating to library policies and upcoming events.


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